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What is Connect2Dive

Connect2dive is an social media site for anyone who has something to do with diving. Here you can find all kinds of information about divesites, scuba divers and dive centres. It is also possible to log your dives and/or to search for information about fishes.
Of course, you can invite your buddies, exchange messages with them, upload photos and see your buddies photos and profile.

In the system you can capture your certificates so you always have it handy. Captured dives combined with all the other information on Connect2dive will give a dive centre enough information to let you dive.
There is also thought to your privacy that can be set for specific cases, for example, enter only entitled to scuba friends and/or diving centers. Rights can also be given to nobody so all information is strictly personal

What to do

In Connect2dive it is possible to share messages with your buddies accompanied by photos. You can also instantly share messages with your buddy. furthermore it is possible to log all your dives which are shown on google maps directly. You can create an activity when you want to make a dive. Your buddies can see this activity and simply respond.

What to see

On Connect2dive you can find dive sites all around the world and consult there information. Present affiliated dive centres visiting the dive site are visible and provide each of their specific information about the dive site.
For each country there are a number of fishes with specific information that can be accessed. Dive centres can add fishes and add additional information about each fish into the system.

So quickly login and have al lot of fun with Connect2Dive.

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